Friday, July 16, 2010

I Am She

Her father's daughter
will abuse this pill until her stomach bleeds.
She will wind herself into a black hole of depression
to the point where she wonders if anyone can help.
Where is her mind? Where is her outlet?
One giant step to take, and she's not sure she feels any support.
Is she really better?
Do they expect too much?
False friends get her nowhere,
she has a friend in nobody.
She is a nowhere man.
She gets along in solitude,
and it's why she can't be left alone.
She really requires comfort.
The company she loves to hate.
Why is she so weak?
Is humanity going to save her sanity
or is it prolonging her demise?
When will she decide for herself?
When will she stop loving to be controlled?
When will devotion equal freedom?
Tie her up.
She'd rather fuck what she doesn't love,
it puts on a better show.
She loves the way you wrap her in restraints,
and frankly, 
she's not afraid to bleed—
It's what happens when she's in love...

     something I'm not sure she believes in as much as I do
     I guess we'll see who comes out in the end
     but all I wish is that it could be together
     don't fall behind or step ahead
     she needs you