Sunday, October 30, 2011

The 101 to Looking Like an Asshole

It's not the act of the supposed events,
it's the fact there were said events, and I was uninformed by you.
The sweet gestures are so useless now.
I wasn't looking to get more fucked up.
The idea of how completely and utterly stupid I looked,
because I gave a fuck about you.
My self-perception and the way I'm now perceived have been fucked with.

You could've told me
or maybe not kept lying;
not have held a false faith alive.
It would've been nice.

What's so fucked up in your world?
Where do you lack attention?
I guess we all fuck up in different ways.
No way am I beyond it.

Do you need a slap in the face?
Or are you too good at giving them, you've surpassed it?

Too bad I felt all this before.
So sad I ignored it.
Do you feel great?
Are you on top of the world?
Your life must be amazing.
No weight before you go to sleep.
You're living the dream.

Sorry, darling, for wasting money on flowers.

Next time, I'll give you the moon.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Disgrace to Love

Such a goddamn letdown.
Desolation at its finest.
Complete and utter anguish.
You're right, kid,
don't think this is for you.
About you.
Because of you.
Prosper in the glory,
because I'm a lair.
At my finest, I might be told the truth.
Whatever exists in the places unspoken
doesn't define the confliction,
or revive my afflictions.

Such a shame.
A young mind pondering love.
So dense.
Who saw it coming?
Believe me, I would've put a stop to that train.