Thursday, July 13, 2023

Shadow Muse

For all the darkness you bared witness to

on my behalf

let me just say

what an honor it was to cocreate

with a moon maiden 

who runs from the sun

and uses shadows as her muse

for I am darkness

digging out a grave

while you feed me with a gaze

with your feet on the edge, careful to not fall into the void

of my broken spirit

dusting breadcrumbs and

chaos sprinkles

willfully burying our next life

and creating tricks 

with all your fanciful lies.

Thursday, May 4, 2023

I Bear Water

I am so soft

crush me

you could

but I am soft

a soft river flowing

sweet rapids running

to soft salt water sands

I swim to your shore

from the sky above

to the earth below

like a soft summer rainstorm

dancing on your skin

I am soft

Monday, January 23, 2023

I'll Tell You on the Phone

I felt your body in a dream—

     the comfort and ease of my arms wrapped around you

as you use me as your lounge chair


     I can be your rock

     we can grow into a forest together 

I felt my hands along your curves

digging to your roots, I  

felt all the places I know

you've shown me here before

     I touch you like a flower

     as my fingers trace your spine

And I cherish the splendor

to what I have surrendered

to get to learn about your body for the first time,

every time,


and again

to whisper with praise 

beginning at your feet

while my eyes linger and dance with your hips

eager to tell the secret erupting from my lips

     anticipation builds

     longing destroys