Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Sentiment Today

A squeeze to the chest,
And obstructed tear ducts—
It's a battle of who'll burst first.
Cause—daydreams, by which I'm coerced.

Erase every glance, 
     every touch, every laugh.
An illusion to the future I must learn to mistrust.
A delusion of love evoked to leave my heart crushed.

Waging war with intuition,
stirs blind faith into suspicion.
A flicker of light and heart palpitations—
     Trepidation built on ambiguous sensations.

These are the words carefully decided.
For love unrequited, so my soul's reignited.
Please know, a life without you is least desirable.
So let me leave now before I believe,
before I believe a life we're destined to misconceive.