Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Sentiment Today

A squeeze to the chest,
And obstructed tear ducts—
It's a battle of who'll burst first.
Cause—daydreams, by which I'm coerced.

Erase every glance, 
     every touch, every laugh.
An illusion to the future I must learn to mistrust.
A delusion of love evoked to leave my heart crushed.

Waging war with intuition,
stirs blind faith into suspicion.
A flicker of light and heart palpitations—
     Trepidation built on ambiguous sensations.

These are the words carefully decided.
For love unrequited, so my soul's reignited.
Please know, a life without you is least desirable.
So let me leave now before I believe,
before I believe a life we're destined to misconceive.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Mere Images Mirroring

Leaving me at my weakest was not a reflection of my own.
Whether you knew if it'd give me strength was not your intention.

Willful woes of your waning heart
                     willed me to wanderlust.
Your staunch scorns seared a surge of supremacy onto my soul,
                     swaying me to sovereignty.
Cascades of contempt
                     catalyzing a contender.

Leaving me at my weakest was not a reflection of my own.

Your words, your views;
                     it's what I feared in myself.
Regression based on your unconscious projection,
                     will not be my transgression.

Leaving me at my weakest was not a reflection of my own.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Digging to Learn

Reading between the lines
between the struggle
the sorrow.

Dig deep, young love
because you're dying to thrive.
Don't sell your soul short this time.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Generally Speaking

My voice is quivering.
I'm ready to shout,
but the words won't come out.

Can you feel it?
Every trace of indecision
guides us to a prolonged position.  

Tonight, I will not flatter my frustration.
Instead, I'll follow the beckon shinning down,
ignore the static code,
because this is my only road.