Wednesday, December 28, 2011

At This Moment

In the words of the wise Kanye West, "You cut me deep, bitch, you cut me like surgery."

And you're conflicted,
     I get it.
You're lost
     I saw it.
I knew you were a liar
     it took nothing to figure that out.
I knew trusting you was a gamble
when you had trouble
hearing the word.

And despite all these flaws building up
I'm still hung up on the person
I know you can be
the person you are
the one in front of you when you're standing in the mirror.

I felt so connected to you
and I miss it
I miss you.

I'm not going to hide it
I won't act like I don't want to hate every inch of you.
I won't pretend I don't want to see you hurt
from regret
and loneliness.

Loose lips sink ships, baby;
     you can't hide forever.
There's no armor to protect you
and the sword is gonna come crashing down
to shock you back onto this planet.

Did I want to love you?
With no hesitation, yes.
Could I love you?
Not today.
Will you be the one that got away?

And you'll tell a story about me one day
you'll dream about me another.
You'll look down at yourself and see me with the ink you wear.
And I'll never leave you.
You try to forget,
but not for long
because you don't know why,
but you'll always remember me.
One day you'll learn how to love, how to live, and how not to sleep away your fears.
I'll love you, always and forever.

The love of your life.

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